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La Tene Maps invented the modern Aquaculture Map. These show the diversity of aquaculture activity in the area covered by the map by a set of specifically designed symbols to differentiate the species and type of activity carried out. Thus salmon sites are divided into hatcheries, smolt units and marine cages. There is even a special symbol for pump ashore systems. The same applies generally for shellfish e.g. oysters have an additional differentiation between intensively reared oysters (trestles and bags) as opposed to extensive aquaculture (several orders or a managed fishery).

As the industry is now very mature we have only being keeping Britain and Ireland up to date with printed maps. However we maintain databases on Europe and have the capability to produce revised maps fairly promptly.

These maps are currently available as printed maps, digital prints or as a pdf file. La Tene Maps has also produced an extensive range of educational material on Aquaculture.

Printed aquaculture maps published by Latene Maps are available free to producing finfish and shellfish farmers in the area covered by the particular map. The maps are also distributed free at various conferences and exhibitions. Printed, Digital Print and pdf files are available for purchase by all interested persons. If you qualify for and want a free aquaculture map, APPLY HERE.


The company has a series of maps covering Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Bioenergy, Biogas, Biomass, Biofuels, Composting, Energy From Waste (EFW), Landfill gas for Britain and Ireland. There is overlap between some of these maps for example Bioenergy could include most of the technologies.


Over the past 30 years the company has produced various guides on Irish Industry subjects ranging from Aquacultue to Seaweeds through Hydrocarbon exploration. In this section we only show publications that are in print.


La Tene Maps has been producing Electricity Generation and Transmission Maps for many years. These maps generally show the electricity transmission system and sometimes the electricity distribution system together with the generators attached to it. These generally include both traditional fossil fuel generators as well as all renewable energy installations. Substations are generally shown and named. A series of maps is available covering Ireland, Britain, Portugal and Spain. The maps on Britain and Ireland have the distributions systems shown down to the 33kV and 38kV levels respectively.


Please also see the section on Renewable Energy installations as all the maps there have the Electricity Transmission Systems in the background. Some of he maps in the other renewable energy sectors may have maps which show the Electricity Transmission Grids in the background.

Energy Storage is becoming increasingly important as an adjunct to renewable energy projects due to constraints on exporting electricity to the grid at times, as a grid balancing method and a way of generating maximum return from the sale of electricity.

Energy Storage has been around for a long time in the form of Pumped Hydro projects. More recently there has been the development of Compressed Air Storage and Battery Storage. There are are many different types of battery currently in development or at a research stage

We currently (June 2017) have two published maps on Energy Storage and a third one planned. These are the British Energy Storage Projects Map, the World Flow Battery Projects map and a map on European Energy Storage Projects is currently under Development.

These maps are currently available as printed maps, digital prints or as a pdf file


La Tene Maps has been producing maps and posters on the fishing industry for nearly 30 years on subjects ranging from Fishing Areas, Fishing Rights ands Fishing Quotas to Technical Conservation Measures and Species Identification Charts. Only our most current maps are shown here. These maps are currently available as printed maps, digital prints or as a pdf file. All the maps can be customised to an individual customers needs. La Tene Maps has also produced fisheries maps and posters for ICES the European Commission and State bodies.


This part of our site features probably the best collection of fish species identification posters currently available. Our own series are the only ones available in the world to feature the Irish Gaelic Names.


Attractive lithographs created by Suzanne Weitemeyer. A4 size, printed on a cream board.


La Tene Maps has been involved in the producing Seafood maps for many years. More recently it has transferred the methodology to meat, dairy foods and beverages. On this site we are only showing the up to date maps we have available.  Our food maps show the location of EU approved food production premises by location together with the site operators name. A series of especially designed symbols show what is produced at each site. Side panels list the companies on the map together with their EU approval numbers which can be used for traceability purposes. In this section we feature maps on beverages, meat, dairy and seafood. Currently maps are only available for Britain and Ireland. The maps are also distributed free at various conferences and exhibitions. Printed, digital print and pdf files are available for purchase by all interested persons.


The company has been covering hydropower on its Electricity Generation and Renewable Energy Maps for many years. La Tene Maps has published maps on British Hydro Installations for ten years. The company is expanding its coverage to Europe with dedicated hydro installation maps. The first one is currently available covering large hydro.  Maps on European Small and Mini Hydro are proposed for the coming years.

Please also see the section on Electricity Generation & Transmission including Renewables for more maps with a hydro content.

Printed, Digital Print and pdf files are available for purchase by all interested persons. If you qualify for and want a free map from the energy series APPLY HERE.


This is a relatively new area for the company. The two maps currently available relate to ICT, Datacentres and relevant infrastructure in Ireland.


This includes Medical Technologies, Medical Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Biotechnology and Healthcare Infrastructure.

Currently already published are maps on the Pharmaceutical and Meditech industries for Britain and Ireland. In preparation are a series of regional Lifesciences Maps (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Meditech Industries). The first map in this series South West Britain – Pharma-Biotech and Meditech is currently available. Draft Lifesciences (Pharma, Biotech and Meditech) Maps on Wales and Scotland now available.



La Tene Maps has been involved in the Irish Minerals sector since since the 1990’s and has ambitions to grow the product range in this area for Britain and Ireland Initially. The only current printed map available is ” Ireland – Mineral Exploration, Mines and Quarries” 2013 edition. However we hope to have some maps available in the future on UK Gold and Coal, and Mines, Quarries and Pits.


La Tene Maps has been publishing Oil and Gas Exploration maps since the Mid 1980’s. Today the company specializes in the offshore areas west of Greenwich (UK). The sectors we cover are the UK Irish Sea and South West Approaches; West of Scotland and West of Shetland, The Faeroe Islands and of course the Irish Sector. On the onshore we currently cover Britain and Ireland. The company also offers a concession map service to those companies requiring regular updated concession maps. Only the current maps are listed.

On the Development and Decommissioning side the company has produced a new map on The North Sea Oil & Gas – Production and Decommissioning.

Printed Oil & Gas exploration maps published by La Tene Maps are available free to bone-fide team members with operators or consortia members working in areas covered by the map. The maps are also distributed free at various conferences and exhibitions. Printed, Digital Print and pdf files are available for purchase by all interested persons. If you qualify for and want a free Oil and Gas Exploration map, APPLY HERE.


La Tene Maps has worked on Ocean Energy (wave, tidal and tidal impoundment) for over 12 years. Most of the maps we publish on broad Renewable Energy will cover ocean energy as well if there are projects within the map area .We have two dedicated maps on wave and tidal projects, one on the world and one on europe. A further map looks at Wind, wave and Tidal projects in the North Sea. We also have published a series of “How it works posters covering Tidal Impoundment, Tidal Stream and Wave Energy – See the EU AquaRET project under Projects


The company has developed a couple of maps on waste management and recycling . These are on UK Landfill Sites, UK Municipal Recycling Facilities, UK Private Recycling Facilities and one map that deals with recycling of Glass, Aluminum, Wood and Batteries. Depending on user feedback

These maps are currently available only as pdf files or digital prints.


This section only includes maps that are totally devoted to a broad range of Renewable Energy Installation types. See Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution map as nearly all of these maps include the broad range of Renewable Energy Installation types that are grid connected as do our country specific maps We also then have a large range of maps that are dedicated to a particular type of renewable energy installation eg; Wind, AD, Hydro, Solar PV. etc.


La Tene Maps has recently started publishing maps on water backed up from almost two decades of production of maps on river, lake and estuarine water quality maps for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. The company has the capability of producing maps on Water Abstraction, Cleaning, Purification and Waste Water Treatment anywhere in Europe. Currently the company has published a couple of maps on Britain and Ireland and a draft map on Australia.


Over the years the company has covered utility scale solar on some of its Renewable Energy and Electricity Generation Maps. In 2013 the company published its first map dedicated to Solar PV. This was a map on British Solar PV Installations and Resource. In June 2014 a map on European Solar PV Installations.  These maps show the location of the solar installations together with generating capacity and site operator.  Since then the company has added to the range with maps on Ireland and the MENA area. Others are planned as well as Solar CSP maps.


The maps in this section deal specifically with wind energy installations, projects and licences.. Apart from the maps listed below which deal specifically with wind farming all of our Electricity Generation and Transmission maps (incl. renewable energy) will have the wind farms on them as will the maps in Renewable Energy Installations section. The maps generally show all built wind farms by location symbol, attached to the symbol are the farm name, generating capacity and operator. Some maps may show the number of turbines for the wind farm. Most maps also show the sites that are under construction or are planned (fully consented). The company has an extensive worldwide database on wind farms which contain a lot more information than we can show on a map. Extracts from this database are available for purchase – see section on databases on the website.


Other maps in other sections of the website with wind farm content include the following:
– Electricity Generation and Transmission (including renewable energy)
– Renewable Energy Installation maps




We are experts in paper map production with over 25 years research in their research and production. Many of these maps are available for customization. Increasingly we are being asked for the maps in other formats. Our maps are available as pdf files or without advertising are available as a digital print. sometimes the pdf or digital printed maps are more up to date than the originally printed maps.



Behind each of our maps is a database. These databases are under constant revision and often contain more information on the subject area than the original printed map. Database extracts are available for purchase. For further information please contact us.


Online Maps

We are relatively new to the production of online interactive maps. We have a couple of samples available on the website. This area will continue to be developed over the course of 2015. Click here to see our online interactive maps.


We publish a range of maps, posters, directories, and other documents for ourselves and client companies. The company has over 25 years experience in the design, typesetting, layout and printing of publications including corporate brochures, reports, annual reports, posters and maps. A concept to final printed product service is available. The company has a complete suite of desktop publishing and ancillary software and can handle any job in-house. Only actual printing is contracted out.
Many of our maps are published in conjunction with an association or corporate body. Usually the associations get enough maps to satisfy their needs. They distribute the maps to their members, at exhibitions or use them for lobbying purposes. La Tene Maps distribute the maps by attending various conferences and exhibitions. Distribution is usually from the stands or via delegate bags or on occasion by client companies from their stands. Whilst a map may be launched at one conference we would have it available at other relevant conferences we attend. We mail out if we have no other effective way of reaching the target audiences.
Most of our maps are given away free at conferences and exhibitions. Map sponsorship by way of advertising pays the production and distribution costs. Advertising rates are keenly priced and a range of advertisement sizes allows both small and large companies participate on our maps. For further information on maps currently open for sponsorship please click here.

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