La Tene Maps are happy to announce the release of the 8th annual edition of the ” Europe – Offshore Wind Projects” Map. This very large map shows the disposition of the European Offshore Industry. The main map covers most of Europe with insets for the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and the Canary Islands. An enlargement of the Belgian/Borseele area is also included as an inset. A further feature are smaller diagrams to show the German Grid Zones in the North Sea and Baltic

The map shows the licensed areas for Offshore Wind Farms in Europe together with the project operator and generating capacity of the project. Colour indicates status of the licenced area, Licence sought or proposed area. This map also shows the areas which will be up for tender in the next couple of years. Wind Farm symbols are generally used when the wind farm has been approved (consented). Both conventional wind farms and floating wind farms are covered by this map.

John Coleman Chief executive of La Tene Maps speaking on the maps release said” Whilst it is a big sheet we are trying to give a simple overview of the industry in Europe. Different legislative regimes in the different countries sometimes means it is not easy to simplify the map to do direct comparisons from one country to another”

Copies of the map have been available at various renewable energy and offshore wind conferences and exhibitions. For further information contact: John Coleman, Tel: +353 12847914, e-mail:

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