La Tene Maps launched during the first quarter of 2017 a trio of revised renewable energy maps on Ireland.

These were:
1. Irish Bioenergy Map – 3rd edition in association with the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA)
2. Irish Wind Projects and Resource Map – 3rd edition
3. Irish Solar PV Projects and Resource Map – 2nd edition in association with the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA)

These maps are aimed at specific parts of the Irish renewable energy Industry and are generally published on a two year cycle. The maps are B1 sized (1000 x 700mm) and are printed in full colour. The maps launches are usually wrapped around a major conference on the subject to have maximum distribution of the map to a relevant audience.

The Irish Bioenergy Map was launched at IrBEA’s annual conference and exhibition which was held at the Castleknock Hotel and Country Club on February 9th. The map updates the position since 2015 and shows the location of all major Bio energy installations in the country. The map covers biomass, biogas, biofuels, energy from waste. Each technology type is shown by a special symbol, Status (built, under construction or consented) is depicted by colour. Inset maps are used to show composting sites and biofuel production and supply sites.

The Irish Wind Projects and Resource Map – now in its third edition was launched at the Irish Wind Energy Association’s (IWEA) Annual Spring Meeting which this year was held in the Hilton Doubletree Hotel (old Burlington) on March 28th-29th. The map shows the disposition of Wind Farms in Ireland (Built, under construction and consented) against a background of resource data (wind speed) and the national electricity transmission and distribution grid. Both Northern and Southern Ireland are covered.

The third map published was the Ireland SolarPV and Resource map published in association with the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA). This map was launched at the Smart Solar Ireland conference and exhibition held in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cork on April 5th. The map follows on from an educational poster produced previously for the ISEA explaining what SolarPV is to an irish audience. Basically the map shows the hundreds of utility scale SolarPV projects in Ireland against a background of solar resource data.

John Coleman, Managing Director of La Tene Maps said. ” These three maps cover the bulk of renewable energy activity in Ireland and their production represent a considerable work load for the company during the first quarter of 2017. Copies of the maps should be available from the respective renewable energy associations. The maps can also be purchased from the website”

For further information contact John Coleman at +353 12847914, e-mail;

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