5th edition of Ireland – Seafood Processors and Exporters Map Released

Irish Seafood Processors and Exporters Map, 2018

A new edition of the “Ireland – Seafood Processors and Exporters” map has just been released by La Tene Maps. Published every three years the map shows (EU) approved seafood processors and exporters as well as approved food businesses engaged in seafood production. These are shown by location together with company name and a series of symbols. The specially designed symbols show which type of fish or shellfish are processed (mainly Pelagic, Demersal or Shellfish but we have special symbols for Salmon, Mussels, Oysters) and colour of symbol tells you whether the end product is
fresh, frozen or smoked. The map also shows shellfish depuration and dispatch centers.

The map surround has charts which give the approval number and operator name on a county by county basis on Approved Premises, Approved Fishing Vessels and Approved Depuration and Dispatch Centers. Small inset maps are included to show the main Oyster & Mussel production areas and another to show the major landing points for fish in Ireland based on the value of fish landed.

John Coleman chief executive of La Tene Maps speaking on the release of the map said ‘This map goes back 15 years at least and is based on work that we did way back for the European Commission on Fish Traceability. So this map shows only bone fide fish processors and the map is used mainly by people buying or selling fish or fish product. EU approval is vital if you are exporting. Overseas buyers won’t touch you if you don’t have it. It is also an important Health and Safety measure. The map is only out a couple of days and over 3600 copies have been dispatched for distribution including 1600 copies to 11 overseas countries. I am hopeful that we will have an online version of
this map available sometime this year’.

The ‘Ireland – Seafood Processors and Exporters’ map is also available for purchase in a variety of formats from the website www.latenemaps.com

For further information contact: John Coleman, Chief Executive,

Tel+353 1 2847914
Mobile: +353 868570599
E-mail: johncoleman@latenemaps.com

Editors Note:
La Tene Maps is one of Europe’s biggest publishers of maps on marine subjects in Europe.
In Ireland, the company publishes maps on Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fish Processing, Oil and Gas
Exploration, and Marine Renewables.

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