Irish Electricity – Electricity Generation & Transmission (Incl. Renewables)

Irish Electricity Map 2018

The 2018 edition of the “Irish Electricity – Electricity Generation and Transmission map (including renewables)” was released at the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA ) Spring conference in Dublin. This map is published every two years and shows all electricity generators in Ireland north and south greater than 1MW in size against a background of the Irish Electricity Grid.

On the map are shown the various sites producing electricity, including both fossil fuel, and renewable energy generators. These are shown by location together with site name, generating capacity and site operator. A set of specifically designed symbols lets the map user know what type of energy the site it uses. So there are different symbols for fossil fuels, and all the different types of renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal, hydro, landfill gas, solar, biomass, etc). The color of the symbol will indicate if the site is built, under construction or planned. On the fossil fuel side, the color of the symbol will indicate what the fuel source is (oil, coal, peat, natural gas). The Irish electricity grid is shown from 400-38kV in the south and 400-33kV in the north. Transformer stations are shown and named where possible.

John Coleman, chief executive of La Tene Maps speaking on the release of the map said ” This is our 7th edition of this map in 14 years and in that time I have seen a massive growth in the renewable energy side of things especially wind. I expect this to continue until the end of 2019 at least. This growth will continue with the expected rollout of Solar PV and some battery storage schemes. Also during that time, I have seen the gradual closure of the older fossil fuel generating stations. This process may continue with the closure/mothballing of some of the newer CCGT generators who are currently providing peaking power. The map continues to provide a good overview of the industry in Ireland”.

Copies of the map will be available free at various renewable energy conferences and exhibitions during 2018 and 2019.

The “Irish Electricity – Electricity Generation and Transmission map (including renewables)” is also available for purchase in a variety of formats from the website

For further information contact: John Coleman, Chief Executive,
Tel+353 1 2847914
Mobile: +353 868570599

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