La Tene Maps in association with RenewableUK and Ocean Energy Europe are happy to announce the release of the 4th edition of the “World – Ocean Energy Projects” map.

Published in alternate years to the Europe map the world map was produced to coincide with the RenewableUK Wave and Tidal Conference and Exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland on the 28th February. The map shows the disposition of wave, tidal and OTEC projects around the world. The sheet has a map of the world showing areas where activity occurs and a series of enlargements for areas of intense activity, eg Orkney, Europe, Bay of Fundy and South East Asia. A specifically designed set of symbols differentiates between Wave, Tidal, Tidal Impoundment and OTEC, Colour shows whether the project is installed, under construction or planned/proposed. The project name, operator and generating capacity are included. The sheet includes a chart on the major wave and tidal devices and a link to their websites.

John Coleman chief executive of La Tene Maps speaking on the release of the map said ‘This is the 4th edition of the World Ocean Energy and I hope it will be useful to the industry. The map includes installations at test sites which by their very nature can be short term. The rollout of commercial installation is very slow more so on the wave side rather than the tidal side. However, there are many devices in or planned deployments in demonstration/test sites over the next couple of years. Other things I have noticed are the time slippage in projects. Everything takes much longer than expected. The other thing I have noticed is the increasing importance of South East Asia as both a test area and for commercial installations’.

The World Ocean Energy Project map will be available at the ICOE and OEE conferences and exhibitions in 2018 as well as the other renewable energy events that La Tene Maps attend during 2018 and 2019.

The World Ocean Energy Project map is also available for purchase in a variety of formats from the

For further information contact: John Coleman, Chief Executive,
Tel+353 1 2847914
Mobile: +353 868570599

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