La Tene Maps publish various offshore wind farm maps throughout the year the result its that there is always something available which is relatively up to date. Two new maps dealing with Offshore Wind Fram projects has just been published. The first of these is the 5th edition of the “World – Offshore Wind Farm Projects” map. The sheet is a world map with three insets around it. The insets are based on three offshore wind farm project maps that the company produces, one on Europe, one on North America and one on South East Asia. The resultant sheet gives a simple world overview on Offshore Wind farm projects. Each farm and licence area is shown together with the name of the project, site owner or operator and the generating capacity of the project.

The second map to be released is the “Britain, Ireland and the North Sea – Wind Wave and Tidal Projects” map. Published every two years this map is the only map published covering offshore wind and ocean energy projects. In addition a wealth of other information is included. It is also the only map map published showing constraint information on the areas where wind farms could be built in the future. The major types on constraint information shown include Natura 2000 sites, oil & gas production platforms, Extraction sites (sand and gravel mainly), interconnectors, telecoms cables and oil & gas pipelines, major shipping routes. This makes the map a useful tool for anyone wanting a total picture on activity in the area.

John Coleman, chief executive of La Tene Maps speaking on the maps release said “ The World Offshore Wind Projects map is very useful if you want an overview of the industry and don’t have a massive amount of wall space available, whilst the “Britain, Ireland and the North Sea – Wind Wave and Tidal Projects” map is more useful to users wanting a deeper understanding on wind farm locations and the factors effecting this”

Both maps gets their first public airing at the WindEurope/RenewableUk Offshore Wind Conference and Exhibition in London on 6-8th June.

For further information contact: John Coleman, Tel: +353 12847914, e-mail:

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