La Tene Maps invented the modern Aquaculture Map. These show the diversity of aquaculture activity in the area covered by the map by a set of specifically designed symbols to differentiate the species and type of activity carried out. Thus salmon sites are divided into hatcheries, smolt units and marine cages. There is even a special symbol for pump ashore systems. The same applies generally for shellfish e.g. oysters have an additional differentiation between intensively reared oysters (trestles and bags) as opposed to extensive aquaculture (several orders or a managed fishery).
As the industry is now very mature we have only being keeping Britain and Ireland up to date with printed maps. However we maintain databases on Europe and have the capability to produce revised maps fairly promptly.

These maps are currently available as printed maps, digital prints or as a pdf file. La Tene Maps has also produced an extensive range of educational material on Aquaculture.

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