The North Sea, Offshore Wind and Electrification. 2023 Quarterly Map Service

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The North Sea – Offshore Wind and Electrification -Quarterly Map Service

Based on the printed North Sea map  This map is updatesd in June, September, December and March this map aims to show the North Sea marine renewable energy projects and the main constraints which they face in their development. This map shows offshore wind, wave, tidal and carbon capture and storage project areas together with site operator, generating capacity and status. Status is indicated by colour symbol. Also shown are the electricity cables from wind farm to shore, their associated offshore transformers and the major electricity interconnectors.. The major constraints – oil and gas platforms, bathymetry and Natura 2000 sites (EU sensitive environmental areas covered by the birds and habitats directive) are also shown. This map does not carry advertising and prices are for four quarterly editions.

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June 2023


1000 x 700mm

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