Two New Revised Maps in the Lifesciences Sector

1. British Pharmaceuticals – Research and Manufacturing

2. Irish Health Infrastructure – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hospices


The company is pleased to announce that it has available two new pre-publication editions of maps in its Lifesciences series. These are maps awaiting publication we make available for purchase from the website as either a pdf file or printed on demand. These maps are revisions and updates of the old maps.

” British Pharmaceuticals – Research and Manufacturing” map updates a first edition published in 2014. This map shows the position of all Pharmaceutical Research and Production facilities in Britain by location together with the operator name. A specially designed set of symbols shows the map user what type of activity is carried out at that site eg: Drug Discovery, Development, Generics Manufacture, Vaccines, etc. Due to a large amount of activity in the greater London area the map has an inset panel listing the companies and their activities in London.


The “Irish Health Infrastructure – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Hospices ” map updates the position from the first edition published in 2015. The new edition shows the position of all Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Hospices in the country by location together with the operator name. A specially designed set of symbols differentiates between hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices. The color of the symbol for hospitals indicates its type. The map includes insets for Dublin and Cork as well as an inset map of Ireland showing the different Hospital Regions and what hospitals are in them.


Both of these maps are B1 size (700 x 1000mm) and are printed on demand or available as a pdf file. The datasets behind both maps are available to purchase. Publication of the maps is expected towards the end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2018.

John Coleman, chief executive of La Tene Maps speaking about the new editions said “These new editions bring all our existing maps in the Lifescience sector up to date. They also mark a significant expansion of the company in the sector with a new European map and several country pharmaceutical maps in preparation. On Ireland, research is going on with a view to producing maps on “Senior Citizens Facilities” and the “Disability sector. “

For further information contact:
John Coleman, Chief Executive,
Tel: +353 1 2847914
Mobile: +353 868570599

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